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About Video Slots

Slots have always been a casino favorite from conventional mechanical slots with the 3 reel & 5 reel machines to progressive jackpots and video slot machines. The main reason slots are the most commonly played game is because you really don't have to do to much or concentrate when you play slots. Out of all the casinos games available on the floor of a land based casino or in an online casino slots is definitely the most leisurely. Since so many people play slots and it is the most commonly played casino game you'll notice that the majority of any casinos floor or online casino's games consists of slot machines.

Just in the past ten years video slots have become very popular. This is mainly cause large providers of slot machines like IGT (International Gaming Technologies) and online casino software providers such as Microgaming and Cryptologic can incorporate more into a video slot machine in terms of graphics, animation and sound then they can in the mechanical reel slot machines. You'll find that if you play at online casinos they have several video slots games available especially if you play at Microgaming casinos, in fact Microgaming currently adds 3 new games to each of the casinos that uses their software almost every month. Out of those 3 games usually at least 2 of them are some sort of new slots game. Like for example Microgaming is starting to do licensed games so they're launching video slot games like Tomb Raider ™ a 5 reel 15 payline slot game with great animation and bonus rounds.

Video slots are not going away anytime soon and in fact they'll only be increasing in popularity as the older mechanical reel slot machines are slowly phased out in the next 10 - 20 years. So if you're stuck on playing the conventional slot machines I can only suggest to you that you try playing some of the video slots as they will definitely be a large part of both land based casinos and online casinos slots base in the future.

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