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Why play video slots online as opposed to going out to Vegas and playing?

Playing online you'll enjoy the convenience of playing video slots and other casino favorites from the comfort of your own home or office. Playing video slots online you'll also enjoy a larger selection of slots games as online casinos in general offer varieties of slots often times over 70 in total.

Are the payout percentages when I play online video slots as good as if I were to play in Vegas?

Yes! In fact they're better because online casinos don't have the overhead costs that land based casinos have the payout percentages at online casinos usually range between 94% - 99%. So by playing online you'll be winning more often then you would if you were to play in Vegas.

Is the online casino software free and how do I get my hands on it?

Yes! Online casino software is completely free and available for download or if you'd rather have the online casino send you a CD with the software on it that can be one as well. To get your free online casino software all you have to do is visit an online casino and click the download button which is usually very visible on the homepage of a casinos website. Otherwise if the online casino offers CD's they'll be instructions on their site of how to obtain one.

How do I get money into my online casino account to play video slots and other games?

Getting funds into your online casino account is very simple, as online casinos not only offer Visa & MasterCard but they also offer other popular payment options such as NETeller, FirePay, Click2Pay and more...

How do I get money out of my casino account when I'm ready to cash-out?

Cashing out is simple and can be accomplished in many ways. You can have the funds put back onto your credit card in the amount of your purchase and have the rest sent to you by check. You can have a wire transfer made out to the bank account of your choice. Or you can use one of the alternative banking options to store your winnings such as NETeller, FirePay or other.

Where can I find more information about online slots on the web?

There are many places to look for information related to online slots and slots gambling online. If you're looking for slot machines related info we suggest visiting Slot Machines dot org where you'll find a wealth of information pertaining to slots. For a directory of slots related info we suggest visiting DMOZ slots category for a listing of top rated slots sites.