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Video Slot Machines

As I mentioned in previous sections of our site video slots are increasing in popularity at both land based casinos and online casinos. They create and fun and exciting new way to play slots with a more enhanced interface for the actual gaming. Playing video slots online can be benefitical in many ways as outlined by our key points section on the bottom of our homepage. In addition to those points I also wanted to point out some of the other benefits of playing video slots or slots in general at online casinos. If you play at a Microgaming casino you can enjoy something included in their casinos software called autoplay. Autoplay is a fully configurable feature available in the Viper release of Microgaming's software that allows users to configure the software to play automatically so they don't physically have to be at their console. In some ways it defeats the purpose and takes some of the fun away from gambling. At there are people out there who'd rather do other things while they let the software automatically spin the wheels & stop if a jackpot is hit or based on whatever configuration you set.

Below are some examples of what Video Slot Machines look like in land based casinos and at online casinos:

Land based casino video slot example

This is an example of a video slot machine you'd find in a land based casino in Las Vegas, Atlantic City or elsewhere.


Online Casino video slot example

This is an example of a video slot game at a Microgaming Viper powered on-line casino. Typically the Microgaming video slots games look similar to the screenshot of this one.