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Offline Wheel of Fortune

The first wheel of fortune game show actually started way back in 1952 where it was a simple game and the only people that were eligible to get on the game show were people that have done good deeds. The good-doers and the people they helped appeared on the show, they would spin the wheel of fortune for a chance at winning between $30 and $1000. Since then many things have happened and wheel of fortune has evolved into what we see on television to this very day. Pat Sajak and Vanna White are the host of the wheel of fortune show you'll find on tv these days.

The concept behind today's wheel of fortune is to spin a wheel and based on the value on the wheel when you spin and a puzzle you and the other contestants have to solve will ultimately determine how much money you can make on the show. The game show also adds added perks and benefits to the wheel such as free spins, trip prized and much more. Wheel of fortune has become one of Americas most favored game shows.

The Online Wheel of Fortune

You can now play wheel of fortune online well in fact the online version is not in fact called wheel of fortune and is called wheel of wealth. The wheel of wealth slot machine game is an exciting 3 reel slot machine game that offers a bonus round where you can some exciting prizes.

Since it's very difficult to get on to the actual game show playing the wheel of wealth slot machine game online is a great way to get the satisfaction of winning at wheel of fortune without ever having to be on the show. Below are a list of places where you can play the wheel of wealth / wheel of fortune slot machine game as well as some screenshots from the actual game.

Where to Play Wheel of Fortune Online:

Casino Name
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Screenshots from Wheel of Fortune: